"One of us is each of us, each of us is all of us, and all of us is one of us"

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At 16 years old, my only focus was who was going to have the next big party and doing dumb sh*t with my friends, until an opportunity arose and changed my course. I knew I wanted to do big things and that I WOULD do big things in this life, I just was not focused on that part of it quite yet, until I had a choice to make. A choice where one route was a big party with all my friends and the other was a speaking seminar for entrepreneurs. Although 95% of me was sure the party was the right answer, after talking with my mom and trusting my gut, the 5% won and I ended up heading to a mansion for this event. A week later I asked my mom to use her credit card for gas, but I actually needed it to buy my own business (within the network marketing industry) for $750. Speeding up to 20 years old, after 4 years with my first network marketing company and attending every seminar, every super Saturday, and every convention this company had to offer and I didn’t make more than $1000/month. You may be asking yourself “why would you stay with a company and continue working your tail off for 4 years to only make $1000 a month?” and I don’t blame you, there were days I also thought “what the hell are you doing right now Austin?” and one day I understood why I stayed.

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