Meet THE Austin LEWIS

Public Figure

What’s up ladies and gents!!! Austin Lewis here, mainly known as THE Austin Lewis, giving you an insight to who I am, why I work so hard to make millions, and where I came from. Let’s jump right in..


At 16 years old, my only focus was who was going to have the next big party and doing dumb sh*t with my friends, until an opportunity arose and changed my course. I knew I wanted to do big things and that I WOULD do big things in this life, I just was not focused on that part of it quite yet, until I had a choice to make. A choice where one route was a big party with all my friends and the other was a speaking seminar for entrepreneurs. Although 95% of me was sure the party was the right answer, after talking with my mom and trusting my gut, the 5% won and I ended up heading to a mansion for this event. A week later I asked my mom to use her credit card for gas, but I actually needed it to buy my own business (within the network marketing industry) for $750. Speeding up to 20 years old, after 4 years with my first network marketing company and attending every seminar, every super Saturday, and every convention this company had to offer and I didn’t make more than $1000/month. You may be asking yourself “why would you stay with a company and continue working your tail off for 4 years to only make $1000 a month?” and I don’t blame you, there were days I also thought “what the hell are you doing right now Austin?” and one day I understood why I stayed. I stayed because of what I gained in experiences and from others with the company, the knowledge that was provided to me, the do’s and don’ts others have learned were MORE valuable than any amount of money in those beginning years of my journey. Without everything I learned, I would absolutely NOT be where I am today, mentally, emotionally, or financially.

Our ATM Business has opened more doors and avenues to truly allow us to change so many lives and provide others with ROI’s they didn’t know were possible. Within our business we offer mentorships, we offer an automation program, we sell machines, we sell contracts, and so much more. Check out my YouTube videos to find out more about the ATM Business. Have questions? Email me. Want to meet 1 on 1? Set up a consultation call. My goal is to help others succeed in the ATM business and have passive income each month without thinking about it. 


I want you to make millions. I want you to live a life you thought was only a dream. I want you to wake up everyday feeling fulfilled and satisfied with where you are at and where you are going. I am here for you. I am here to impact your life in a way you didn’t know you needed. I have a burning passion to move different and inspire others to do the same. Get uncomfortable. Make mistakes. Open your ears and your mind. Listen more than you speak. Become better everyday. Build healthy habits. Look at yourself as consistently under construction. And most importantly, have fun, allow yourself needed breaks, treat yourself, spoil those around you, and make sure to ALWAYS be intentional with every movement, with every word, and with every plan. Let’s grind baby!!! 

I parted ways after my 4 years and decided I needed a month break to get my mind right and reset with higher vibrations entering a new venture and actually start making the money I knew I could. I was able to recognize that I needed to slow down to speed back up for my current and future self. Here begins my second go around with network marketing....and after 6 months with this company I was a 6-figure earner and becoming an egotistical kid who had no idea what the money I was making could do for me or others. After about a year of making these 6-figures, I wake up one day to 90% of it GONE. I knew a change had to happen within both myself and my intentions. So I picked myself up and restarted again with the same company and took my business even farther than the first go around. I continued to dabble in network marketing for two years before wanting to create something for myself and re-invest the money I’ve made to start building MY empire. 

I had no idea where to begin or how to impact others while still being able to live out my own personal goals and dreams. First, I started a golf cart limousine company in sunny Scottsdale, as well as, investing in an exotic car rental company. I eventually outgrew these companies and created my baby, Alegacy Marketing. This is where MY true story begins, because I built this baby from the ground up and provided this company my full attention, which was out of the norm for me at this time since I was stretching myself into multiple different areas every single day. Originally, it was only an income source for me without any intention on creating a movement from it, but it grew into something more. Within 90 days of going full force with Alegacy, I was making over $10,000 a month, pure cash flow, by growing individuals Instagram accounts by utilizing a software to do so. We grew this company to make us 6-figures a month and continuously scaling. After going on a 10 day trip to Bali in November of 2018 and spending an insane amount of money, I received an email from our payment processor that they are shutting down services for us and we will no longer be able to process payments through them. I felt a wave of familiarity wash over me and knew I had two options, let this be a roadblock, or see this as an opportunity to rebuild Alegacy to be bigger and better than before. I only saw one option and that was to restart and rebuild it past what it was before being shut down. This time we created a bigger movement and had hundreds of affiliates, multiple employees, a new office, and more clients than before. One things led to another and our ventures with Instagram growth slowed, individuals came and gone, and I was introduced to the ATM Business, leading us to my current venture.